Do you believe in energy?

I’m a believer!
I have seen the light!
I used to think all this energy stuff was “woo-woo.”
And then … I experienced it for myself. Almost by accident.
And now it is undeniable. It’s reality. Unseen to many yet equally a fully functioning element of all that is.
And when all that is is a cohesive working mechanism of living intelligent interconnected parts it is useful to know and understand how the in-visible parts are affecting and influencing the parts of reality which ARE visible to our physical eyes.
Even things which are smaller than light particles and cannot be seen by the physical eyes -like viruses and ultraviolet emanations and other things which exist outside the range of what our physical eyes can perceive- can be perceived by the effects produced in the seen world. And can be seen and manifested through actual changes in the physical organism of human bodies for instance.
To understand these invisible forces and work with them to your own benefit and well-being is wise.
And wisdom protects you better than money can. Seek wisdom first. Then money comes. It follows.
Money is another thing which is manipulated by unseen forces.
Forces which exist outside the boundaries of what we are consciously aware of.
To realize and understand … in other words -comprehend- that these forces exist is step one.
Learning how they work and how to work with them is step 2.
Working with the vital forces can facilitate health and strong energy levels which protect us from diseases. Like viruses. And psychological diseases.
It’s ALL connected.
As quantum science has revealed - there is essentially no real separation between any of this with “this” being THE UNIVERSE.
All that exists!
Exists as one living, breathing thing.
Learning to breathe stronger is very important when fighting air-borne diseases.
The tragic irony is that constant fear and concern over air-borne disease causing particulates as threats creates a subtle sub-conscious contraction of the musculature and nervous system of the body which causes chronic shallow breathing due to the thought alone … of an invisible threat.
This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to consciously develop your awareness of your breath. And strengthen it.
These are some of the things we practice and teach.
We call it “Elemental Energy Arts” because that is simply what it is.
We have lost touch with nature. With OUR TRUE NATURE!
It’s vital! … we get back to basics. If we are to survive and thrive in these changing times.

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